Further Reading on Fiscal and Monetary Policy

The last post (on austerity and budget-cutting in America and Europe) got a little bit long, so I decided to post my sources and suggested readings in a separate post.

The Bundesbank will stamp out this rally,” MarketWatch.

Interactions between Monetary and Fiscal Policy in the Current Situation,” Donald L. Kohn

Did Low Interest Rates Cause the Great Housing Convulsion?” Economix

Economists’ Views on Interest Rates and the Housing Bubble,” Wall Street Journal

Unrest in peace,” Economist

Austerity Is So Wrong!” Paul Krugman

Bernanke says low interest rates didn’t make housing bubble,” Bloomberg.

What Caused the Housing Bubble?” Economist’s View

A theory of fiscal policy: self-sustaining stimulus,” Economist

Will It Hurt? Macroeconomic Effects of Fiscal Consolidation,” IMF

Euro Area Spending Imbalance and the Sovereign Debt Crisis,” Liberty Street Economics

Monetary Policy and the Housing Bubble,” Ben Bernanke.

The great divide: Why American house prices have corrected more than those in Europe,” Economist

Austerity is a pain. So is tight money,” Economist (Free Exchange)

Expansionary Austerity: New International Evidence,” IMF

April showers on the euro,” Economist

Austerity bites,” Economist (Free Exchange)

Britain’s stuttering economy: Double dip trouble,” Economist

In housing, even hindsight isn’t 20-20,” Economix

What fundamental issues has Europe solved?” Economist (Free Exchange)

The euro crisis: A three-headed beast,” Economist (Free Exchange)

The Euro’s Three Crises,” Jay Shambaugh

Who killed the euro zone?” Economist (Free Exchange)

Lessons of the 1930s: There could be trouble ahead,” Economist

Fiscal consolidations for debt-to-GDP ratio containment? Maybe… but with much care,” Vox.

Europe’s economic suicide,” Paul Krugman

Whatever happened to Ireland?” Vox

Low Interest Rates Have Benefits… And Costs,” St. Louis Fed

Blame it on the bubble,” Guardian

He had the power,” Economist

The global housing boom: In come the waves,” Economist

The Spanish Financial Crisis,” University of Iowa


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