Midterm Voter Guide

My blogs on the various midterm races seem to have gotten a bit spread out, so I’ll attempt to consolidate a bit. Follow the links to each of the blogs.

Also, if you’re not sure of your polling place or your district (and the officials that currently represent you), take a trip over to the Online Citizen’s Guide at the Committee of Seventy’s website. It is incredibly easy and quick.

Endorsements can be found here.

Philadelphia will have four ballot questions. You can see them at the Committee of Seventy’s website, and you can see which of those questions organizations (like the Philadelphia Inquirer and the Committee of Seventy) are endorsing or opposing in my endorsements post.

Ballotpedia is also a good resource.

Also, “Radio Times” with Marty Moss-Coane has some good interviews with some of the candidates, and is seeking to arrange interviews in the coming weeks with the others. Find these interviews for free on iTunes under “Radio Times” or at the following links:

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